Our team of professionals is committed to providing engineering excellence through all stages of the project life cycle, from concept through delivery, commissioning, operations and reclamation. We are driven by creativity and mathematical precision to meet the challenges of today and the needs of tomorrow.

Through our ambition to innovate beyond limitations we add real value through improved processes that strengthen our clients’ cost/risk/return matrix.

Our methods result in innovative, compact layouts that fit and work, and satisfy every performance test.

By using proven technologies and formulating new and inventive ways to apply them, clients acknowledge our superior level of innovation as a key differentiator in our industry.

Clients appreciate that we are able to practically apply these findings to mechanical and structural plant layout solutions which, in turn, provides ease of operation, improves plant availability and overall profitability.

In addition, our research optimises the use of space and minimizes costly maintenance for the full duration of a project. Through considering the relative placement of particular equipment and by accounting for unique features of the environment and topography, we ensure maximum efficiency in design.

Dedicated project teams are kept small, lean and staffed with the best skills for the project to provide clients with dedicated support from beginning to end, ensuring thorough project understanding and continuity until completion. Our collaborative community drives timely, relevant, and responsive engagement with all stakeholders and delivers world-class service to world-class clients.