We offer complete solutions in marine engineering through our team of highly qualified professionals. Together with our strategic partners we provide world-class service on EPCM contracts, from pre-feasibility planning and assessment through design, project management and construction supervision. Our specialist expertise in marine environmental analysis plays a key role in the initial planning and evaluation of marine infrastructure projects and ensures we deliver innovative and dynamic solutions to clients.

Our professional marine capability in initial high level concept planning for marine projects is now strengthened through subsidiary RLH.

Through the versatile knowledge of our project teams, we deliver projects to a wide spectrum of industry sectors, with a specialised focus on port infrastructure planning for the oil, gas and mining industries.

Our impressive insight and experience sees clients calling on us to evaluate the financial viability of a port development, and to optimize the types and volumes of commodities selected for import or export.


Ports, Harbours and Coastal Engineering:

We provide world-class planning, engineering and project management services that cover all aspects of port and harbour planning and design. Together with leading international companies, we have worked on multi-million dollar projects which extend our offering to include coastal engineering design. Our highly qualified team of design and project specialists deliver conceptual engineering, detailed engineering and provide clients with the necessary technical specifications and bid documentation. We offer clients a full service on EPCM contracts, including project management and construction supervision.

Our customized, end-to-end services include:

  • Planning, analysis and design of port and harbour works, and marine terminals
  • Design of all types of wharf structures, sea walls and revetments, gravity structures, piled and floating jetties and tidal pools
  • Breakwater and shore protection design
  • Port rehabilitation
  • Specialist lifting gantries, derricks and cranes
  • Geotechnical and structural design of marine foundations and piling
  • Design condition and wave climate evaluations
  • Refraction and diffraction analysis
  • Sediment transport
  • Dredging and land reclamation studies
  • Model testing of shore protection methods
  • Hydraulic and structural design of sub-sea intakes, outfalls and pipelines
  • Structural design of PLEM structures
  • Project management of coastal, harbour and marine terminal projects



With an impressive reputation in the design and engineering of marine terminals, for the oil and gas industry, as well as the mining sector, clients have called on us for more than three decades. Our expert skills enable us to determine the most appropriate terminal configuration to suit the environmental conditions at the site, and the specific requirements of the commodity being handled, in accordance with international best practice.

We provide clients with full project lifecycle solutions including:

  • Feasibility, planning, analysis and design of marine terminals
  • Analysis and design of offshore fixed and floating structures and vessels
  • Dynamic analysis and mooring studies
  • SPM and CBM facilities
  • Deep sea wharves and access trestles, marginal wharves and jetties
  • Design of marine foundations and piling
  • Hydraulic and structural design, and on-bottom stability of sub-sea pipelines
  • Pipeline installation methodology and analysis
  • PLEM design
  • Processing of environmental data and determination of the wind, wave and current regime at the terminal location


Environmental factors are an essential consideration in any infrastructure project. RLH specialises in the design and implementation of measurement programs to assist in the development of detailed environmental design criteria for marine projects.

We do this through:

  • Offshore environmental design conditions and wave climate studies
  • Design of measurement programs to capture essential environmental parameters
  • Design of measurement programs to capture site-specific features
  • Implementation and project management of data collection programmes
  • Data quality control
  • Compilation of environmental design briefs for projects
  • Analysis of historical or measured data for use in workability studies
  • Wave transformation studies
  • Current and water level prediction studies
  • Wind and wave hind casting studies


Through our expert knowledge in materials handling we provide clients with a comprehensive service in logistics and materials handling. Our experience in marine import or export facilities includes road and rail transport, offloading and conveying to the stockyard, stacking, reclaiming and conveying to the shiploader.

We deliver the following services:

  • Monte Carlo simulations of port materials handling operations
  • Ship loading or offloading
  • Berth occupancy simulations
  • Optimisation of port throughput capacity
  • Stockyard layout design
  • Materials handling equipment design


Our highly regarded team have extensive experience in specialist numerical analysis and the application of FEA, and other methods, in forensic engineering and expert witness services.


  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness
  • Casualty and failure investigations
  • Numerical modelling and reconstruction
  • Dynamic, nonlinear structural / mechanical analysis
  • Fatigue, vibration and resonance analysis
  • Insurance Claim Investigations

Risk Analysis:

  • Statistical analysis of historical data
  • Monte Carlo simulation to evaluate operational risk
  • Assessing the risk of failure of specific operations
  • Reliability studies of specific aspects of operations
  • Identifying critical aspects of operations using sensitivity analysis
  • Relating risk to exposure time of a marine operation

Specialist Numerical Analysis:

  • Specialists in finite element analysis of structures or mechanical components
  • Dynamic, seismic and environmental loadings
  • Natural frequency and resonance studies
  • Linear or nonlinear material behaviour
  • Optimising design to maximize cost savings


marine infrastructure

Moma Mineral Sands Mine Marine Export Terminal

Client: Kenmare Resources

Location: Mozambique

Our team of experts was contracted to engineer the expansion of the marine export terminal at the Moma mineral sands mine in northern Mozambique. We carried out the concept design and FEED (front end engineering design), and acted as Client’s Engineer for the duration of the EPC contract, expanding the jetty and single berth to two berths structurally braced together to provide a significantly stronger berthing system, allowing the barge to operate under a higher seastate increasing annual throughput.

marine infrastructure

Mossel Bay Desalination Plant

Client: Mossel Bay Municipality and PetroSA

Location: South Africa

In 2010 the Mossel Bay Municipality and PetroSA embarked on the emergency construction of a seawater desalination plant to augment the water supply following the worst drought in over 100 years in South Africa’s Southern Cape. Our team of experts was called upon to manage the design and construction of the marine components of the seawater intake and brine discharge pipelines, the intake manifold and diffuser structures as well as the main seawater pump station and equipment. We implemented the project under an accelerated programme, successfully completing the project on time in 10 months and within budget.

marine infrastructure

Al Raha Beach Development


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

We were subcontracted to carry out the detailed structural design of the precast concrete elements for the Al Raha Beach Development project in Abu Dhabi. The project comprised the construction of 13.4 km of concrete sea wall protection to form a series of artificial islands. About 6,000 precast units were cast, encompassing 51 different types, and a total of 310,000 tons of concrete and 14,000 tons of reinforcement was used. The success of the project was achieved through the partnerships of a truly international team comprising client, consultant and contractors.