To promote the optimal flow of daily plant operations and maintenance, it is essential that the necessary processes and workflows are not only implemented, but also streamlined to ensure maximum output. Operations vary from client to client and specific requirements will be impacted by geographic location and specific commodity criteria


With over 20 years of successful asset management experience, Minopex currently manages more than 15 mineral processing plants across the globe, on behalf of clients. Our knowledge enables us to provide clients with valuable insight into improved efficiencies and offer solutions that streamline processes.

Seamless operations management requires effective plant design, intelligent engineering and efficient workflow processes. DRA’s extensive expertise in engineering services promotes plant efficiency, by delivering solutions that span the entire project lifecycle and those that continuously improve on past performance. Our professional capabilities across all market sectors enable our clients to reduce operating costs and achieve throughput rates above nameplate capacity.

While we are acknowledged as leaders in coal, platinum and diamond contract operations, clients increasingly rely on our broader skill-set in a wide range of commodities, across all engineering disciplines and from concept to commissioning. Our relationships encompass both small and large-scale operations, and our end-to-end offering not only reduces the up-front equipment costs, in new operations, but also minimises the operational costs incurred by existing engineering facilities. Regardless of the size or scope of these operations, we meet the financial and quality goals of our contracts while our clients gain continuity in production, even in exceptional conditions.

Through a tailored approach, our solutions are developed to suit specific needs in specialised engineering services, maintenance, small engineering projects, condition monitoring and mobile field services. We have delivered exceptional solutions to both multi-national mining companies and emerging producers in the following commodities: gold, platinum, coal, ferrous metals, diamonds, uranium, base metals, potash and rare earths.


Based in Pennsylvania, USA, DRA Energy Operations Co. specializes in the operation and maintenance of refined coal facilities installed at power utilities. With an impressive history dating back to the late 1990s, through the design and construction of waste coal recovery plants, DRA Energy Operations soon began designing, constructing, relocating and operating several synthetic coal facilities.

Now, with more than 25 years of industry experience, we have designed and constructed 19 refined coal facilities in the United States alone. Together with clients and technology partners, we have designed, tested and implemented processing technologies, which separate impurities and waste from raw coal and convert this coal into a quality-controlled fuel source. These solutions reduce harmful emissions and improve the coal’s heading value, not only meeting the stringent requirements of the United States government but also reducing environmental impact.

Clients rely on our complete solutions in materials handling to optimise processes within a power plant, from system design to commissioning and ongoing operations. Our record is unmatched in building and operating materials handling systems for coal, limestone, petroleum coke, gypsum and ash through the application of cost-effective methodology. We are able to consistently and efficiently meet the most challenging materials handling needs.

Currently, we assist 13 geographically diverse clients with facility operations and anticipate that our partnerships will grow by more than 45% over the next three years.