Within our team of professionals health and safety is not only a priority, it is a thread of our corporate culture and, as a result, we maintain one of the best safety records in our industry.

Throughout our global offices and on every project we deliver – no matter how challenging - we act responsibly in everything we do, we never compromise on health and safety. As one global organisation, we acknowledge that every member of our team is accountable for safe behaviour and as such we share this obligation.

At DRA safety starts with actively caring for people and from this base, behaviours change, people feel responsible for each other and safe working practices flourish. We call this approach People-Based Safety.

People-Based Safety® is an innovative approach that applies the principles of behaviour and person-based psychology, focusing on safe behaviours to transform employees’ thoughts and attitudes about the way they work. People-Based Safety® enhances regulatory compliance through empowerment, ownership, trust and encourages individuals to look out for their fellow co-workers’ safety to reinforce safe behaviours and to create a Total Safety Culture.

Through this unique methodology and principles entrenched in our SHE approach, our team has achieved remarkable performance statistics. This is owed not only to employees of the organisation but also to our clients and contractors who embrace our way of working and become an integral part of our safety programme. Through empowerment, ownership and trust, we undertake to deliver projects, of any size, with “zero harm” and actively inspire all stakeholders to adopt sound management systems.


Our approach is distinguished by a few key principles:

  • Voluntary acceptance of health and safety as an essential behavioural norm
  • Responsibility for self and others, individually we lead change and collectively we achieve results
  • Reward progress and correct mistakes through guidance and training
  • Proactive approach to all daily tasks mitigates risk and adequately equips individuals with sufficient knowledge to react when necessary and predict consequences of actions


We continuously find new ways to improve on our past results. In an effort to develop new ideas and ways of thinking, to share experiences and findings, DRA has developed a safety, health and environmental (SHE) management system that, while custom-made for our operations, is aligned with the international standards of OHSAS 18001.

At DRA, providing quality service is not simply about delivering on client requirements, we strive to exceed expectations, those identified and implied.

DRA is ISO9001 certified; we are committed to providing the highest level of client support. From concept to commissioning, and through our operational excellence, we improve on processes to consistently meet target objectives and achieve tangible results.


Our risk management processes are aligned with ISO31000 requirements with the flexibility to adopt risk methodologies of  our clients, meeting all stakeholder requirements.

Our risk management approach employs several techniques to ensure design outcomes meet safety, health and environmental requirements as well as operation and production objectives. We employ various techniques to ensure the optimum delivery of a sound design including the suite of HAZOP processes (Hazard and Operability Study), SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and threats Analysis) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).