As one of very few specialist winder consultants in the world, we have developed an excellent reputation for the design of mine winder and hoisting systems across the globe. Our highly skilled team is able to undertake both turnkey and EPCM contracts.

We have the expert capabilities to design new winding systems and source, refurbish or upgrade existing winder equipment. We develop and maintain a good working relationship with a variety of winder manufacturers to offer our clients optimal, practical and safe winding solutions that are also site-specific.

Our specialist team designs software for position control, safety, automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, as well as man-machine interfaces. Throughout the industry we are recognised as expert auditors and risk assessors of existing winders and winding systems, accident or failure investigations, and training courses for winder maintenance staff.

Since 1999 we have provided complete solutions in:

  • Designing and constructing headgear
  • Shaft steelwork
  • Conveyances and loading facilities, including engine rooms
  • Bank and underground station layouts
  • Civil work associated with winders and headgears

DRA has all the multi-disciplinary engineering expertise required to design new or audit existing installations and products offered by the global mine winder OEMs. We are one of very few specialists in the niche field of new winder design and our designs consistently meet the highest standards and the unique needs of our clients. To enhance our value proposition, and where possible, we purchase, repair and install a previously used winder from a non-operational shaft to meet time and cost constraints of clients.