DRA Global acknowledges that water security, energy security and food security are inextricably linked and that actions in any one area often have impacts in one or both of the others. DRA Nexus is a member of the DRA Global group of companies and delivers end-to-end projects to clients within the water and energy industries. In addition, the organisation’s Agricultural division develops solutions through the design and project management of sugar, timber and bio-energy projects.

It is DRA Global’s priority to implement the most superior and sustainable solution possible. The highly skilled team of engineers and professional tradespeople work with clients on an individual basis to provide an ideal and customised solution for clients from reducing operating costs and complying with environmental standards to increase efficiencies. The organisation is also able to customise techno-financial solutions to client and project needs using EPC/EPCM, Agreed Target Cost (ATC), or BOOM/BOOT project models, as well as innovative financing options.


DRA Global provides total water and wastewater treatment solutions from identification and modelling through treatment and operations, integrating with the lifecycle needs of clients. Within this arm of the organisation, specialists are able to provide full maintenance, manufacturing and operating solutions to water purification and wastewater treatment plants of any size.


DRA Global provides solutions for energy generation and storage through conventional and renewable sources according to client’s specific project needs. Due to our industry leading engineering and design capabilities in power generation, transmission and distribution, DRA Global routinely provides clients with conventional and renewable energy solutions.

John Holmes

John Holmes

Senior Vice President: DRA Nexus