As a partner of choice in minerals processing, since 1984, DRA Global has successfully completed over 300 unique projects worldwide. The organisations extensive experience comprises all fields of engineering – electrical and instrumentation, process, mechanical, civil and structural, infrastructure – as well as materials handling. All projects operate in line with the highest quality standards, systems and procedures (ISO-based) and every project is managed according to the highest safety standards. Through the diverse skills of the multi-disciplinary process engineering team, DRA Global offers comprehensive skills in all minerals recovery processes.


  • Crushing circuits
  • Ore stockpiling and reclaim systems
  • Pre-concentration
  • Milling circuits
  • Flotation plants
  • Solids dewatering
  • Dryers
  • Roasting and smelting
  • Leaching
  • Bio-leaching
  • Absorption and elution circuits
  • Gold refining
  • DMS plants
  • Gravity concentration
  • Diamond concentrate handling and final recovery
  • High intensity magnetic and electrostatic separation techniques
  • Slurry pumping
  • Tailings disposal systems
  • Laboratory design and equipping


DRA Global produces a wide range of standard process plant modules, which can be combined in various ways, and integrated to best match the particular process requirements of individual projects and clients.

Standard modular plants are designed to process coal, iron ore, diamonds, chrome, manganese and mineral sands, as well as metalliferous ores (both precious and base metals) that are disposed to pre-concentration and the removal of gangue using dense medium separation (DMS) and gravity separation technologies.

These plants are efficient and easy to operate and maintain – the result of 30 years’ experience in successfully providing small and medium-sized operations with mineral processing solutions.

Where standard modules cannot meet the particular requirements of a given project, DRA Global will also undertake the engineering and design of tailored modules.


Phola Coal Washing Plant


DRA Global’s reputation has been earned through the professional design of processing plants that to date, produce approximately 50% of all washed coal in South Africa. The organisation has partnered with clients to implement more than 350 coal processing projects globally, complete with materials handling facilities. Coal experience extends beyond the borders of Africa to China, USA, Australia, India, Russia, Trinidad and Indonesia.

From feasibility studies and plant design, through to project implementation and process plant commissioning – DRA Global is able to provide the full spectrum of coal processing services. Expertise within teams delivers varied- and multiple-stage washing plants, including gravity or pump-fed DMS plants, drum plants, spiral plants, flotation plants and jig separation plants.


Having fostered beneficial partnerships with leading technology provider, DRA Global offers economical and technically advanced solutions to clients that reduce the sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and mercury (Hg) emissions of projects. In addition to providing sustainable solutions, clients recognise DRA Global solutions as those that improve coal’s heading value. Through proven coal cleaning and processing technologies, impurities and waste are separated from raw coal and this product is converted into a quality-controlled fuel source. Since 2009 DRA Global has engineered and constructed 15 refined coal facilities for several U.S. utilities. The facilities use liquid pre-combustion chemical systems to alter the coal’s composition before being burned in power plant boilers, this reduces refined coal NOx emissions by up to 20% and Hg emissions by up to 90%.



DRA Global employs a team of leading gold processing engineers with expert capabilities and global experience. These gold specialists are experts in the testing of refractory ores and specifically in gold processing, through cyanide destruction, resulting in the delivery of optimal and cost-efficient process designs, for even the most challenging projects.

The organisation has established critical relationships with equipment suppliers and commercial laboratories, worldwide, so that together with cutting-edge technology it delivers the best in gold processing plants and mine designs.



DRA Global has successfully completed uranium scoping or preliminary economic assessment (PEA), pre-feasibility and feasibility (NI 43-101 and JORC compliant) and tailings retreatment studies for large mining houses in the USA and Africa.

These studies explored a variety of production rates and processing methods, including acid heap leach, acid and alkali agitated leaching, resin-inpulp (RIP), ion exchange (NIMCIX, Fixed Bed IX and others), counter-current decantation (CCD), solvent extraction (SX), nanofiltration, energy recovery systems and various back-end precipitation circuits (ADU, SDU and Peroxide).

DRA Global has gained comprehensive heap leach experience, which includes both static and dynamic heap leaching with uranium recovery via IX and SX, and clients appreciate the valuable insight this brings to their projects. The organisation’s process engineers have managed and supervised uranium test work campaigns in South Africa, Australia and Canada, offering clients expert advice in the design, execution and commissioning of projects.

Close and established relationships with key contractors, suppliers and consultants in the global uranium industry facilitate production of comprehensive trade-off studies on processing options. During project development, from the conceptual phase through to construction and commissioning, the organisation remains focussed on economic value-add and risk mitigation.



Practical solutions in processing strategies, including comminution circuit design, flotation, leaching, solvent extraction and electrowinning are a core offering of DRA Global. Orebody-specific processing plants are designed with an acute awareness of feasibility and flexibility and, as a result, plant modifications boost recovery and throughput. DRA Global acknowledges the need to innovate, proven by pioneering the use of dense medium separation (DMS) technology in the pre-concentration of base-metal ores.

DRA Global can assist clients with test work programme management, conceptual and final process-option selection and engineering development, complete processing plant and infrastructure engineering design and implementation management, electrical and control systems design, and the design and construction of mining infrastructure.


From upfront beneficiation and concentration, through to the production of either rare earth oxides or chlorides, or purified rare earths, DRA Global has thorough knowledge in the development of rare earth hydrometallurgical projects.

Generic rare earth beneficiation and concentration capabilities within the organisation include crushing, radiometric or X-ray fluorescence (XRF) sorting, dense media separation, gravity separation, milling, low intensity magnetic separators (LIMS), wet high intensity magnetic separators (WHIMS) and flotation.

Extending beyond conventional hydrometallurgical processing, experience also includes more complex rare earth extraction technologies such as caustic and sulphuric acid cracking, whole ore hydrochloric leaching, recovery of reagents, complex solid or liquid separation, thermal decomposition, selective precipitation and redissolution, double salt formation, solvent extraction, ion exchange, acid retardation, nanofiltration and flowsheet simulation.



Ferrous metals processing capabilities include iron ore, chromite, manganese and vanadium projects using crushing, screening and milling, washing and scrubbing, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, flotation, pressure leach and dry separation processes. DRA Global has skilfully designed and built numerous processing plants and projects within this sector and across four continents.

The organisation’s flagship project in South Africa, Khumani Iron Ore, is a result of a decade-long partnership with the mine, since 2006 DRA Global has provided mining-related infrastructure development for the entire operation, including the load-out system and tailings handling facility.

Recently, DRA Global upgraded the hematite iron ore through a process of crushing, screening, jigging and WHIMS (Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separation).



Within this unique field of mineral processing DRA Global undertakes the necessary test work, design of concentrators for specific ore bodies, implementation of plant modifications to increase recovery and throughput, and offers both plant design and construction.

Characterized by the in-house comminution design, the organisation’s platinum processing plants offer an advanced level of process control and automation.

DRA Global pioneered the use of DMS in PGM concentrators, to process UG2 ore with a high chromite composition and through partnerships with leading mining houses the organisations has delivered 80 percent of platinum plants in South Africa and Zimbabwe.



Specialising in the design, construction and commissioning of diamond recovery and dense medium separation (DMS) plants, DRA Global can design plants to treat various ores ranging from alluvial to marine, and from fissure to kimberlite. These unit processes include liberation by primary, secondary and tertiary crushing using jaw, gyratory, cone, high pressure grinding rolls (HPGRs), scrubbing and milling.

The organisation recognises that, in many cases, waste sorting in pre-concentration is becoming increasingly prevalent and is utilised more often as a pre-concentration step prior to further crushing. Final diamond recovery is achieved through any combination of wet or dry magnetic separation, X-ray sorting and the use of grease belts.




Client: Assmang

Location: South Africa

DRA Global was contracted to manage and design of the Khumani Iron Ore Greenfields Project in South Africa. The project was delivered ahead of time and under budget and resulted in a brownfields expansion. The specialised project team was tasked as the lead contractor for end-to-end project management and integration of the crushing facility, processing plant, stockyards and infrastructure during the construction phase. Due to this highly successful implementation, DRA Global was contracted to manage various other phases of the project, including the EPCM contract for a super fines beneficiation plant in 2011. This plant uses WHIMS technology to process -1 mm super fines for the extraction of saleable product.



Client: Randgold Resources and AngloGold Ashanti

Location: DRC

The EPCM contract for the Kibali Gold mine, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was expertly managed by DRA Global on behalf of RandGold Resources, AngloGold Ashanti, SOKIMO. The team delivered the design, procurement and project management of the metallurgical plant, infrastructure, a 45 MW backup power system, tailings system for a 6.1 Mt lined concentrate tailings dam and 7.6 Mt float tailings dam. Scope of work on the processing plant included the design and construction of a facility to treat 3.6 Mtpa of oxide ore through the oxide circuit, and 3.6 Mtpa plant for the treatment of sulphide ore through the sulphide circuit. Although the project deadline was brought forward, DRA Global achieved first gold pour a month ahead of schedule.

Stornoway 1

Renard Diamond Project

Client: Stornoway Diamonds

Location: Canada

Stornoway Diamonds contracted DRA Global to provide engineering, detailed design and field support services for the processing plant and recovery circuits at Quebec’s first diamond mine. Scope of work covered process, concrete, structural, mechanical and EC&I engineering and detailed design for most of the process plant areas, including scrubbing, secondary crushing, screening, DMS, HPGR and the recovery plant. In addition, DRA Global also provided technical advice to the procurement partners, and technical support during fabrication and construction to ensure compliance with the design and for forthcoming commissioning.