Potential areas of improvement exist within any facility – DRA Global provides insight, analysis, strategy and advanced technology to help clients make the best operational decisions within specific time and capital constraints.

By applying extensive expertise to everyday plant operations, the organisation is able to reduce operational downtime and, in turn, increase revenue for our clients.

For more than three decades DRA Global has been the catalyst for growth of numerous clients by perfecting efficiencies and effectiveness to optimise operational output.

Clients, throughout the world, have greatly increased their profitability by reducing operating costs, achieving throughput rates and maximising plant availability.

By using proven methods to strategically address the various aspects of an operation and implement activities that continuously improve on past performance to, DRA Global enables clients to achieve their next stage of growth and create competitive advantage over rivals.


As the leading contract operator of mineral processing facilities in Africa, DRA Global specialises in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of mineral processing plants.

Over the past three decades, DRA Global has mastered its capabilities to operate plants across the globe in temperatures ranging from -50˚C to +50˚C. With a solid understanding of disciplines, markets and sectors, delivery to clients is timeous and flexible.

Expertise extends to both greenfield and brownfield operations; the organisation is able to provide the most cost effective solutions to clients, those that add real value, while reducing risk and improving productivity.


It is essential that assets are reviewed on an on-going basis to achieve and maintain optimal output. By analysing the overall functionality of a plant and its equipment, DRA Global is able to advise clients on areas of improvement to enhance performance and productivity.

Through sound knowledge in lean operations DRA Global provides a perfect value creation process in the following engineering disciples:

Underground infrastructure
Process and debottlenecking audits
SIMM audits, vibration analysis
Concrete structure audits
Stormwater, earthworks, roads, water, buildings
PFC, HV, LV instrumentation and control audits
General mechanical engineering and materials handling design
Sectional closures and total rehabilitation


DRA Global pioneered a world-class program known as Mine Operations Management System (MOMS). This is an effective tool, used by clients worldwide, to maintain better control over the supply chain, improve control and management of process plants, and ensure assets are delivering maximum efficiencies.

The system produces the right information and delivers accurate data to the right people at the right time, providing the required insight for pro-active decision making.

MOMS enables clients to increase ore throughput while maintaining quality by providing a powerful combination of financial, distribution, costing, scheduling, maintenance and production tools, that can be implemented as needed.

The system is designed to provide an optimal experience to the end-user; MOMS facilitates the effortless management of workflow-driven processes such as procurement, production, budgeting, maintenance and internal cost requisitions.

By creating the reporting and input dimensions and frequencies, MOMS develops accurate costing, at a detailed process level, and provides a comprehensive transactional analysis to clients.