DRA and Naledi MoU signing

Naledi Mining Services Company (Naledi), along with a Botswana-based subsidiary of DRA Global Limited (DRA), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today. This agreement will facilitate their collaboration on joint projects, operations, and underground mining developments in Botswana.

The MoU grants Naledi access to DRA's global expertise network and its 40-year track record of excellence in project management, operations, and underground mining services. Furthermore, it offers significant training, upskilling, and retooling opportunities for Naledi's workforce.

Nationally, the MoU is designed to generate job opportunities for the citizens of Botswana. The Naledi Chief Executive Officer further expressed that, “By initiating new joint projects and upskilling local workers in the engineering, procurement, construction, management (EPCM) domain, we see opportunities as a private company to positively contribute to uplifting the lives of our people in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We see ourselves investing in the development of Botswana's human capital and fostering healthy competition within the local market.”

DRA will benefit from the years of experience in open pit mining that Naledi will bring through its employees.

“This important milestone demonstrates Naledi and DRA’s shared commitment to provide the wider Botswana mining industry with streamlined access to the combined expertise, resources, and local knowledge of two experienced entities. We see many opportunities to sustainably support Botswana's well-established mining sector alongside one of the foremost mining services companies in the region.”, said James Smith, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for DRA Global.

About DRA Global

About DRA

DRA Botswana is a subsidiary of DRA Global Limited (ASX: DRA | JSE: DRA).  DRA Global is an international engineering, project management, and operations group focused primarily on the mining, minerals, and metals sectors. Established over 40 years ago, the company has developed a broad experience base by working with a variety of commodities. Throughout its history, DRA Global has successfully executed over 8,000 projects, including a wide range of studies and project implementations. It currently manages over 15 processing facilities worldwide through its subsidiary Minopex, which specializes in process plant operations and maintenance. Additionally, DRA operates several specialized underground mining operations via the mining operations division of Minopex. With offices strategically located in major mining regions in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific, DRA Global boasts a robust international presence.

About Naledi

Naledi Mining Services Company (Naledi) is a prominent service provider within the mining sector, specializing in delivering strategic services to the most pivotal and critical areas of mining operations. Currently, Naledi is actively involved in the Jwaneng Cut 9 project, alongside providing essential maintenance services for Earth Moving Vehicles and fixed plants. With a workforce exceeding 1100 Batswana, Naledi boasts a diverse skill set comprising mining, maintenance, and process engineers, artisans, operatives, and machine operators. Notably, Naledi's intentional inclusive policy underscores its commitment to diversity, with approximately 5% of its workforce representing differently abled people.

In its pursuit of growth, Naledi is strategically focusing on enhancing its operations in key areas including asset management, human capital development, EPCM, and sustainable development. Through targeted efforts in these domains, Naledi aims to further solidify its position as a leader in the mining services sector while upholding its commitment to excellence and inclusivity.