EWRP Brine Treatment Plant


Anglo American Coal


Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management



South Africa


2018 - current


The project aims to deliver a 2,000 m³/day brine treatment plant. The brine to be treated is a supersaturated calcium, sodium sulphate effluent and is treated through the Prentec calcium softening reactor-clarifier and a multi-barrier UF, high pressure RO system to produce a product water that complies with the discharge specification set out by the resource water objective for Nooupoort Spruit.

A modular reactor-clarifier, UF and RO configuration was selected. This allowed for rapid deployment of the plant to meet the Client’s urgent requirement as the equipment is manufactured inhouse. Due to the high salinity of the brine, membrane scaling risk and energy consumption were two major considerations for the design engineers. Through effective pretreatment and RO skid design, the scaling risk was mitigated and the implementation of the newest technology in energy recovery, allows for up to 95% recovery of energy normally lost across the membranes.