Prieska Copperton Project


Orion Minerals


South Africa


2018 – 2019


Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS), Mining Infrastructure and Processing Facilities

Project description

Prieska Copperton Project (PCM) operated as a profitable underground mining operation between 1971 to 1991. The intention of the 2018 project was to re-commission mining operations at PCM to exploit deeper (>900m below surface) sulphide resources that remained after the mine was shut down. Since the mine closure in 1991 the underground works flooded over time.  

Services provided

DRA Global is currently conducting a bankable feasibility (BFS), Mining Infrastructure and Processing facilities. The orgaisation is responsible for the full scope of works including mining, geotechnical, ventilation, process, infrastructure, capital estimate, operating cost, sustaining costing and project management.

The objective of the project is to design a 2.4mt per annum long-hole open stope mining (LHOS) with cemented past backfill and Drift and Fill (D&F) mine on the deposit. The underground workings will be dewatered  and the remaining infrastructure, shaft headgear, steelwork and UG excavations for crushers, loading boxes, workshops, stores, pump- and substations will be re-equipped and recommissioned with the associated surface infrastructure (including winders) to support the mining operations. A backfill delivery and distribution piping system will be added to the existing shaft configuration.