Snap Lake and Victor Diamonds Mines


De Beers Canada


Northwest Territories, Canada




Modular Diamond Recovery Plant

DRA Global supplied the modular diamond recovery modules in use at the Snap Lake Mine in the Northwest Territories and at the Victor Mine in Northern Ontario. Both plants were designed, fabricated, trial erected and commissiioned off-site before being dismantled and shipped to their respective sites. The modules were then assembled by Canadian contractors and commissioned by DRA.

Prior to supplying the diamond recovery modules for De Beers Canada, DRA supplied them with a modular DMS plant for the bulk sampling program during the feasibility study at Victor in Northern Ontario. The 10 tph bulk sampling plant included a scrubber, crushers and purpose-built recovery module.

During the construction of the Victor Mine in 2006, the financial model for Victor was re-evaluated and it was decided to speed up the project by flying 500 tonnes of freight to site in the spring and summer instead of waiting for the two-month ice road season in the winter.

Steel and other components for the DMS plant were flown to site in Northern Ontario and DRA adapted to De Beers' revised schedule, changing the construction sequence. This meant building the DMS plant first and then constructing the main building around it afterwards, effectively helping to reduce the construction schedule by nine months.